If you, or a member of your family, have been unlucky enough to have been involved in a slip and fall accident, don’t hesitate, call us now.


Painful and preventable, slip, trip and fall accidents are among the most common and expensive injuries Americans experience. If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip, trip and fall accident, our team of top personal injury attorneys want to help you recover lost wages, receive appropriate medical care and get back to living your life as quickly and stress-free as possible.

It may seem that it is your fault if you slip and fall at a store, or trip and fall in a parking lot. It is embarrassing and can be very painful. Many times, responsible parties will try and tell you that it isn’t their fault in an effort to discourage seeking damages against them. Quite often, the responsible people will offer a quick settlement, hoping to avoid litigation. Seldom are these types of offers in your interest. Don’t go at it alone, and don’t just hope for the best. Contact our personal injury lawyers at once. We will review your case and let you know what the best course of action should be.

Personal injuries like slip, trip and fall accidents can be difficult to prove in court. There are many factors involved, and the laws governing the responsibility of care are complex. We know the nuances and we know what will work to get you the best care and settlement possible because we have fought for our clients for many years, winning millions and helping hundreds of people get back to normal life.

Nationwide, slip trip and fall accidents account for more lost time at work than any other type of accident. Among people over the age of 65, slip, trip and fall accidents are a leading cause of non-illness related death. More than 8 million Americans visit emergency rooms each year due to injuries from slips, trips and falls. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Safety Council (NSC) report that 34,673 Americans died at home and work from slips, trips and falls in 2016, continuing an increasing trend of Americans being severely injured and killed in preventable accidents.

We recommend that if you are injured in a slip, trip and fall accident, do not take it lightly and try to shrug it off. Slip, trip and fall accidents are among the most under-reported injuries in the United States, yet result in some of the most worrisome injuries that can take a very long time to heal from, if at all.

Obvious injuries, such as broken bones, cuts, scrapes and bruises are easy to see, but often with slip, trip and fall accidents, the injury is not so obvious. Concussions can take days, and even weeks to recover from and can lead to life-threatening conditions like blood clots, stroke and paralysis. Spinal injuries can seem like bruising or strains in muscles, only they often will not heal on their own. Medical care can be expensive, particularly when dealing with serious spinal injuries such as torn, ruptured or herniated discs, fractures and dislocations, and only specialized doctors can diagnose these serious injuries.

In a recent analysis of surgical costs, howmuchisit.org found that surgery to relieve a herniated disk can cost between $15,000 and $35,000. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found in a 2010 study of ruptured disc surgeries that an injured person spends between two and six days in the hospital, and around 12 percent of patients must be readmitted to address complications. In many cases, it can take weeks and even months for symptoms to reach a severe level of pain, and delaying treatment can increase the need for surgery in addition to the difficulty and length of time to recover.

Even minor injuries, such as sprains, can lead to long-term suffering. The Mayo Clinic reports that ankle sprains are the most common type of sprain. Ankle sprains often require physical therapy to teach methods of strengthening the joint and ligament to prevent further injury. A study conducted by University of Kentucky Associate Professor Phillip Gribble, M.D. found increases in arthritis and heart disease among people who have suffered ankle injuries such as sprains, demonstrating that even a minor injury should be taken seriously.

Don’t delay contacting our top injury attorney’s if you believe your slip, trip and fall injury should have been prevented. We will ensure that you receive proper medical care, preventing you from suffering a lifetime of pain. We will make sure you don’t lose wages because of lost time at work and we protect your future by going the extra mile to get the health care and financial compensation you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys are ready to get you the protection you need, so you can rest and heal and have the kind of life you work hard to keep. Don’t delay and leave things to chance. We are here to help.